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Unformatted text preview: cting • Uses their understanding of a system to identify leverage points • Focuses on structure, not on blame • Looks for interdependencies and cause and effect relationships • Changes perspectives to see new leverage points The Four Levels of Thinking EVENTS PATTERNS SYSTEMIC STRUCTURES MENTAL MODELS 6 18/02/2013 The Four Levels of Thinking EVENTS Events are the most visible part ‐ often need immediate response PATTERNS Patterns are changes in variables that occur over time (over several months/years) SYSTEMIC STRUCTURES MENTAL MODELS Structures support and create the patterns we see in the events Mental models keep the structure doing what it does. They are our individual assumptions, beliefs, values which cause the structure to be the way it is. In organisations, these are not currently acknowledged. What is Your Current Mental Model? Activity: Write down the first word that pops into...
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