quiz 01 with answers - QUIZ 01 The first six questions were...

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The first six questions were to make sure you knew what course and section in which you are registered. Question 7    0 / 1 point Cheating is not allowed in this class, and if you are caught you will not only receive a failing grade in this class, you  will also be referred to University authorities for such other punishment as they may deem appropriate. A) True B) False Question 8    0 / 1 point There will be in-class reviews for both the Mid-Term Examination, and the Final Examination. A) True B) False Question 9    0 / 1 point Attendance in class is discouraged, and missing classes will not be likely to result in a lower course grade. A) True B) False Question 10    0 / 2 points The point value of any question on a quiz or examination will be set by the instructor, and that means that correctly  answering one question may give you more points than another question on that same quiz or examination. A) True B) False Question 11    0 / 1 point You are expected to arrive late for class, and required to disturb as many fellow students as possible when you do arrive late. A) True B) False Question 12    0 / 1 point To be heard and understood by your instructor, who is not hard of hearing, it is necessary that you whisper and mumble as much as possible. A)
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quiz 01 with answers - QUIZ 01 The first six questions were...

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