Work with related tones in groups for better control

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Unformatted text preview: familiarity with the palette. Figure : Origin color space for the exercise. Hints to do well: • • • • • • • • Mix adequate supplies of each color. Work with related tones in groups for better control. Assume that you will add color to most squares after you have completed the first pass. Remember that you can ‘scrub’ to lighten or remove color to make changes. Paint of each square with care. Practice making accurate squares before attempting the final assignment. Do not worry about absolute flat color, focus instead on consistent effect. When two adjacent colors seem very close matches use one color to make the other. Figure : Image of the transposed grid of colors – eight by eight squares. Left: The assignment handout. Due: Friday at 11:00. Pin up as usual. Figure : Full size color space. Figure : Source image. Figure : The layout for the assignment – reduction. AW5: Color space #1 10...
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