quiz 02 with answers - QUIZ 02 Question 1 Which amendment...

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QUIZ 02 Question 1    0 / 1 point Which amendment protects privacy by barring unreasonable searches by police? A) fourteenth B) eigth C) Third D) Fourth E) Fifth Question 2    0 / 1 point The double jeopardy clause is found in the. .. A) First Amendment B) Fourth Amendment C) Fifth Amendment D) Third Amendment E) Clause Closet Question 3    0 / 1 point The Declaration of Independence contains. .. A) the philosophical justification for seperating from the Mother Country B) a list of complaints of wrongs done to the colonies by England C) a list of self-evident truths D) all of the above Question 4    0 / 1 point Which amendment requires that the amount of bail not be excessive? A) Twenty-second Amendment B) Seventh Amendment C) First Amendment D) Eighth Amendment E) Ninth Amendment Question 5    0 / 1 point The privilege against self-incrimination is found in the. ..
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A) privileged class B) Third Amendment C) political class D) Fifth Amendment E) Fourth Amendment Question 6    0 / 1 point States may provide more protection of individual rights than does the U. S. Constitution. A) True B) False Question 7    0 / 1 point The due process and equal protection clauses are found in the Fourteenth Amendment. A) True B) False Question 8    0 / 1 point The Fifth Amendment's double jeopardy clause, allows a sovereign to subject a defendant to as many prosecutions as necessary to obtain a conviction for a single offense within the same jurisdiction. A)
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quiz 02 with answers - QUIZ 02 Question 1 Which amendment...

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