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quiz 03 with answers 110-1 - QUIZ 03 Question 1 Which...

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QUIZ 03 Question 1    0 / 1 point Which amendment protects privacy by barring unreasonable searches by police? A) Fifth B) fourteenth C) eighth D) Fourth E) Third Question 2    0 / 1 point States may provide more protection of individual rights than does the U. S. Constitution. Question 3    0 / 1 point The due process and equal protection clauses are found in the Fourteenth Amendment. Question 4    0 / 20 points The U.S. Constitution gives you the right to be secure from unreasonable searches. Question 5    0 / 10 points The concept of "Natural Law" is based upon the recognition that it is government, naturally, that bestows rights upon its citizens. A) True B) False Question 6    0 / 1 point No one ever has the right to shout "Fire" in a crowded theater. Question 7    0 / 10 points
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The U.S. Constitution guarantees, lists, enumerates and/or articulates your right to be free from unreasonable  searches. Question 8    0 / 5 points Freedom of speech does not include any right to cause ill will, upset feelings, or offense to any one who may be listening to your speech. Question 9    0 / 5 points You derive your rights from having been born a human being. A) True B) False Question 10    0 / 1 point The definitions of crimes and people eligible for punishment are spelled out in...
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