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quiz 04 with answers 110

quiz 04 with answers 110 - QUIZ 04 Question 1 Crime and...

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QUIZ 04 Question 1    0 / 1 point Crime and justice are issues of public policy. Why? A) they are addressed by government B) they are addressed by the people C) they are addressed by interest groups D) they are addressed by children E) they are addressed by scholars View Feedback   Page 07 P2 Question 2    0 / 1 point The goals of controlling crime and protecting the rights of individuals are. .. A) impossible to achieve B) easy to achieve C) difficult to achieve D) not necessary to achieve E) none of these Question 3    0 / 1 point Which of the following are values that must be respected in a democracy by police, prosecutors, judges, and correctional officials? A) rule of law B) civil liberties C) justice D) privacy E) all of the above Question 4    0 / 1 point Crimes, such as murder or assault, that are traditionally "wrong in themselves" are called. .. A) misdemeanors B) norms C) victimology D) mala in se E) mala prohibita Question 5    0 / 1 point
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themselves" but are disallowed by government are called. .. A) criminogenics B) victimology C) mala prohibita D) norms E) mala in se Question 6    0 / 1 point Crimes committed in the context of a legal business or profession are called. .. A) political crime B) occupational crime C) organized crime D) victimless crime E) visible crime Question 7    0 / 1 point The best example of an occupational crime is. .. A) price fixing B) armed robbery C) prostitution D) drug dealing E) murder Question 8    0 / 1 point Offenses against morality involving a willing and private exchange of goods and services that are in strong  demand, but are illegal are called. .. A) victimless crime B) visible crime C) occupational crime D) political crime E) organized crime Question 9    0 / 1 point An example of a political crime is. .. A)
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quiz 04 with answers 110 - QUIZ 04 Question 1 Crime and...

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