quiz 06 with answers 266-110

quiz 06 with answers 266-110 - Lecture 2: Historical...

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Quiz 06 Question 1    0 / 1 point In old England, when groups of families agreed to uphold the law, keep order, and bring violators to a court, this was called the. .. A) bobbies B) service C) commissioners D) familia E) frankpledge Question 2    0 / 1 point In London, police commissioners named after Sir Robert Peel were called. .. A) peelers B) bobbies C) berts D) sir E) robbers Question 3    0 / 1 point Which historical era involved close ties between the police and local leaders of government? A) The Professional Era B) The Reform Era C) The Political Era D) The Federalist Era E) The Community Policing Era Question 4    0 / 1 point The historical period of policing known as the political era occurred between. .. A) 1920-1970 B) 1790-1820 C) 1840-1920 D) 1820-1840 E) 1970-present Question 5    0 / 1 point The political era of policing was characterized by. .. A) the introduction of automobile patrol and two-way radios B) civil service selection of officers C) equal opportunity for minority officers D) urban riots
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E) hiring of officers through connections to elected officials Question 6    0 / 1 point Which historical era was the result of influence by the Progressives? A) The Political Era B) The Community Policing Era C) The Reform Era D) The Federalist Era E) The Professional Era Question 7    0 / 1 point Which of the following is not an element of the model of professional policing? A) personnel procedures should be based on merit B) the main task of the police should be fighting crime C) the police force should be actively involved in politics D) the police force should use new technology E) laws should be enforced equally Question 8    0 / 1 point The community based model of policing occurred between. .. A)
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quiz 06 with answers 266-110 - Lecture 2: Historical...

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