JRC Lecture 3-26

JRC Lecture 3-26 - I. II. Conservative a. Men and women...

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I. Conservative a. Men and women participate b. Liturgy in Hebrew c. Traditional prayers i. Similar to orthodox liturgy if not identical d. Rooted in a different perspective i. What it means to be a Jew in modernity/USA ii. Roots in Germany iii. Developed fully in America 1. Outside US majority of synagogues=modern Orthodox style e. Civic emancipation i. Eliminated Messianism ii. Services changed to align with normal accepted ideas of a worship service iii. 1817- New Israelite Temple Association 1. December- got together 2. 1818- built new temple a. Organ built in b. No division btwn men and women’s sections iv. Reform developed on 2 tracks 1. Service details a. sermon 2. Ideologies f. Ideological level- i. 2 diff. ideas of origins and past of Judaism ii. Diff ideas of evolution of Judaism 1. Geiger- the religion itself is a human a development; Form of concern for poor developed differently over time
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2. Hersch- Jewish practice was eternal, given by God a. No authority to decide what should be thrown away
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JRC Lecture 3-26 - I. II. Conservative a. Men and women...

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