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lecture 3-24 - I. II. III. Rites of Passage a. Ritual-...

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I. Rites of Passage a. Ritual- makes ideals real b. Mark events in a person’s life c. Gives a natural transition a cultural meaning d. Birth, coming of age, death e. Celebrate disruption of social categories for sake of preserving them f. Allow community to assign meaning to events in lives of individual II. Jewish Rites of Passage a. A ritual or series of rituals that allow individual Jews to mark stages of their lives as they move from birth to death b. 19-20 th century- Bar Mitzvah came into popularity i. Local culture ii. Catholics had confirmation ceremony c. Rabbinic notions of life i. Mishnah Avot (sp?) 1. List of what life should look like a. At 13 years and one day a Boy becomes subject to the commandments b. 12 years and one day for girls c. Married at 18 III. Birth, Bar Mitzvah a. Birth Rituals i. Express and enact values ii. Date back to biblical times iii. Circumsion- baby boys 1. Genesis 17 2. Abrahamic Covenant 3. 8 days old 4. Included throughout biblical account
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5. Welcomes baby into covenant with God 6. Welcomes baby into community 7. Mohel circumciser 8. Blessings said 9. Speeches a. Officiant talks about things that community wants for the child b. Life of study, life of jewish commitment 10. Baby will receive his name a. Jesus is first known example of naming at circumsion 11. Names for ceremony
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lecture 3-24 - I. II. III. Rites of Passage a. Ritual-...

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