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The Commandments Sabbath- remember this day, no work o Prayer known as Kiddush o Makes Sabbath holy o Kiddush comes from Kadosh=holy kiddush= making holy o Said over a glass of wine o Thanks given for wine, thanked for Sabbath 10 commandments reappear many times in the bible God is a creator and God is a redeemer Sabbath- space vs. time Judaism b/c of creation story is an architecture in time Jewish ritual carves out spaces In the likeness of god= power to create and power to rest
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Unformatted text preview: Choice to have a period of time to reflect on the mystery of creation Heschel Biblical conceptions of space Tabernacle- holds the holy proof of covenant with God Tangible evidence of moment at Sinai Place where God will dwell among them Main unification is belief in covenant and God Scheindlen p. 9: under King Saul, brought ark of covenant to battlefield. Was taken by philistines....
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