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250-315 Symantec Administration of Symantec Endpoint(R) Protection 12.1
Question: 240 Which two are policy types within the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager? (Select two.) A. Exceptions B. Host Protection C. Shared Insight D. Intrusion Prevention E. Process Control Answer: A,D Question: 241 Which task should an administrator perform to troubleshoot operation of the Symantec Endpoint Protection embedded database? A. verify that dbsrv11.exe is listening on port 2638 B. check whether the MSSQLSERVER service is running C. verify the sqlserver.exe service is running on port 1433 D. check the database transaction logs in X:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL server Answer: A Question: 242 Which option is unavailable in the Symantec Endpoint Protection console to run a command on the group menu item? A. Disable SONAR B. Scan C. Disable Network Threat Protection D. Update content and scan Answer: A Question: 243 Which two Symantec Endpoint Protection components are used to distribute content updates? (Select two.) A. Group Update Provider (GUP) B. Shared Insight Cache Server