Imperialismhistorynotes - Imperialism Ways to get Cheap...

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Imperialism Ways to get Cheap Labor: Need for raw materials, results in a need for cheap labor- enforced labor- indentured labor (a form of serfdom/slavery where person signed away independence and agreed to work for a set number of years in return for transport and freedom at the end of work period). This leads to mass diasporas across world- in Caribbean large numbers of indentured labors transported form India to Indes/South America in Africa Indians transported as indentured laborers for railways (east Africa) Feudal system of corvee (unpaid labor): quota system imposed on laborers/villages. If the quotas were not met the government penalized the village- noses, ears and/or hands cut off. 8-10 million people died in Belgian Congo as a result of this system between 1870 and 1890. Abuses in Belgian Congo well publicized in the West- eventually forces King Leopold to cede control of Belgian Congo to the government instead of running it himself. East India Company abuses India greatly as well- British gov’t takes over control from it. Corvee continued until 1945. Capitalist method- force people to pay taxes in cash- forces people out of the barter system and into the capitalist system- people began to work for a pittance. Heroros- German South West Africa- exterminated by Germans because they resisted German demands for cheap labor and submission. Led by Goering, father of a prominent Nazi general. Political/Strategic reasons for Imperialism European countries competed for nationalism- tried to gain strategic points around world that would give them security militarily. Britain wins out- Cape Town, Suez Canal, Strait of Gibraltar, Aden (tip of Arabia- passage between Red Sea and Indian Ocean), Singapore (tip of Malaysian Peninsula- Indian/Pacific Ocean). One exception was the Panama Canal (Caribbean/Pacific), which is
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Imperialismhistorynotes - Imperialism Ways to get Cheap...

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