article 30 - Review of Reading Article#30 1 This article...

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Review of Reading- Article #30 1. This article was about a girl dealing with depression, and her experience in Partial Hospitalization. She grew up with an alcoholic father who verbally abused the family, constantly being told she was worthless hurt her self-esteem and made her think that she might fail at everything in her life. Both of her siblings moved out of the house, and moved away, her parents and teachers assumed that this was the reason for her recent decline in schoolwork and her interests and she was prescribed Celexa, an anti- depressant. Over the course of a few months, she felt better so she stopped taking the anti-depressant. She fell into depression, skipping school, having breakdowns at home and constantly fighting with her parents. Her mother brought her to Clinical and Support Options, the local Emergency and Crisis Stabilization Center. She was assessed by a counselor, and told that she was severely depressed, she decided with the counselor and her mother to go to partial hospitalization. She spent three to five days a week, from nine
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article 30 - Review of Reading Article#30 1 This article...

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