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Essays Part III Social Work 241 2. Child neglect is when someone responsible for a child, a parent, guardian, day care provider, etcetera, intentionally fails to provide shelter, medical care, education, supervision, food or clothing for a child. The social worker in Article #23, Maria Asselin has many ways to deal with the unpleasant aspects of her job. She and the other social workers in her office are described as having an “if-we-don’t-laugh-we’ll-cry” (pg. 1) attitude about their work. One of the cases described, involves six children placed into foster care due to their drug addicted, neglectful parents. DSS received complaints about the family and the children were removed from their home in February. The children were described as being “dirty, uncared for. Their hygiene was bad and two of them were sick.” (pg. 2) The children’s’ father was arrested the following week and their mother didn’t come to DSS looking for them for almost two months. Their mother was placed in the Marathon House, a residential drug rehabilitation center. The mother describes Maria as being very helpful, friendly, understanding and open, more like a friend than a social worker. In another case, a baby is born premature and addicted to heroin, and nine weeks later is ready to be released from the hospital. Maria must go to the mother’s home to make sure it is safe for a baby. The home is extremely cluttered, with wires everywhere and the paint is stripped down because it had contained lead. The baby’s room is a dark, hot attic with two beds, no smoke detector, no crib, no formula and no diapers. The social worker explains to the mother that she is not prepared for this baby to come home, and
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Social Work essay 3 - Essays Part III Social Work 241 2...

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