Social Work Essay 2 - Social Work Essay 2 1A) The primary...

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Social Work Essay 2 1A) The primary objective of imprisonment is to rehabilitate the individual. Social work uses a humanistic perspective when it comes to helping clients. An important belief to a social worker is knowing that people are naturally good. One of the core values of social work is believing that every person has dignity and worth, meaning that even a criminal deserves another chance, someone to talk to and someone to try to understand them. One of the main principles of social work is to have a nonjudgmental attitude. Social workers can talk to prisoners, and listen to them in a nonjudgmental manner, gain their trust and gradually make them better. Imprisoning people who violate the law simply to punish them is illogical. Eventually most prisoners’ sentences will end and they will be released back out into the world. Punishing criminals in prison will only give them anger and resentment, and they will be no better off in the end. When prisoners are released, if they have only been punished then they will most likely go right back to the behavior that put them in prison in the first place. If they are rehabilitated, then they have a chance at leading successful lives, and not returning to prison. Social workers can work with prisoners, evaluate their behavior and counsel them without placing blame or judging whether what they have done was right or wrong. A core value in social work is social justice, assuring everyone equal personal and economic opportunity; social workers can prepare prisoners awaiting
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Social Work Essay 2 - Social Work Essay 2 1A) The primary...

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