Social Work Essay 1 - Social Work Essay 1 3 There were many...

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Social Work Essay 1 3. There were many forces contributing to the idea of orphan trains in the 1850’s. There was poverty in urban areas, homeless children wandering the streets, and families in need of a workforce on farms in the Midwest. Immigrants began flooding into the urban areas of the United States around this time. Due to the overcrowding in cities, work was scarce for many and families struggled just to survive. Poor children wandered the streets begging for money, or prostituting themselves. These children were on the streets for all different reasons, they were orphaned by disease or starvation, neglected or abandoned by their parents, because their parents were too poor to be able to care for them, and because people in the higher class thought that the poor did not deserve help that they simply chose to be poor. The Children’s Aid Society was founded in 1853 by Charles Loring Brace in New York City. They were the first organization to adopt the orphan train as a solution to help children living out on the streets. Newspaper ads were placed in advance in the towns the trains would be stopping in to advertise that homes were needed for orphans. Often farm
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Social Work Essay 1 - Social Work Essay 1 3 There were many...

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