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psych- project 1- brain and neuron id

psych- project 1- brain and neuron id - Miriam Khan Intro...

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Miriam Khan 2/12/08 Intro to Psych Brain and Neuron Identification Dendrites- These look like the branches from a tree and are used to broaden the area to receive messages. The dendrites are located outside the cell and receive the information and bring it into the cell body. Axon- This is the fiber extending out from the neuron. The main purpose is to send messages out of the cell body and transmit them to other neurons. Buttons- the ball shaped end terminals of the axon branches. They are part of the synapse (pre synaptic terminal) which sends signals to the next neuron. Synapse- This is the location of where the transmittion of the impulse of one nerve impulse to another nerve occurs. This synapse is made up of several parts including the axon terminal, the synapse cleft, and receptor sites in the membrane of the receiving cell. Receptive Area- this area of the neuron includes the dendrites and cell body. This area receives the most synaptic input. Axon Hillock- Is the part os a neuron that connects the cell body to the axon found at the end of the soma. It purpose is to controle the firing of a neuron and it has a limit for the strenght of the signal, if the limit is broke it will send a signal down the axon. Frontal lobes- are located towards the front of the brain, just under the skull directly under the forehead area. Inside the frontal lobe, the bodies motor cortex is located, and this area controles voluntary muscles. There left area controles speach, and short term momory. The area is also
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