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Exam #3 Notes - Intro to Music - Exam #3 Notes Chapter 14:...

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Intro to Music -- Exam #3 Notes Chapter 14: Beethoven (1770-1827) Music hasn’t been the same since Beethoven Stayed true to principles of the Classical period, not mood Music was supposed to be light and frivolous-that did not stick with Beethoven French Revolution (1789) Eroica (Symphony #3) – Originally dedicated to Napolean Bonaparte Heroic striving (associated with brass instruments) “Father of Symphony” – was Beethoven’s nickname o This was weird because Beethoven only wrote 9 symphonies; they were very good Expanded the length of symphonies and innovated His other works (sonata’s and quartets) had a symphonic quality Rhythmic drive – energy and excitement Motive consistency – reuse motives Psychological progression – things change; keeps listeners interested Scherzo (common folk’s dance) vs. Minuet (dance for the royal court) Van (Beethoven kept van to stay true to himself; he was aristocratic) vs. Von (high rank) Beethoven’s work is broken up into three periods: o Classical – earliest period; sound similar to Mozart and Haydn o Romantic – Symphony #3; he inspired the Romantic period o Introspective/Personal – He went deaf; Symphony #9 was composed when he was completely deaf Bridge Composer – he bridged the gap between the two major musical periods Innovator – stretched music; pushed the envelope Catalyst – movement to the future Timeline: Renaissance Baroque Classical Romantic _____________ ____________ _____________ _____________ (1400-1600) (1600-1750) (1750-1820)
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Exam #3 Notes - Intro to Music - Exam #3 Notes Chapter 14:...

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