10 page paper - Racism

10 page paper - Racism - McAndrews 1 Cory McAndrews...

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McAndrews Cory McAndrews April 10, 2007 Sociology Dr . Wilk Today, one of the biggest and most controversial topics is racism and discrimination in America . There is no topic that is as widely discussed or battled over than the unfortunate presence of deeply rooted racism dating back to the initial founding of this country . Racism and discrimination is spread all through our roots, and it is a prejudice held against almost all ethnicities in our country . No matter what ethnicity you are, there is some kind of common stereotype or prejudice against you . Thinking about it, people do not like people who are not like them, anything out of “the norm” or seen as bizarre or unacceptable by a single group of people will lead to a discriminatory presence . In the past, there was so much hate concentrated on such a small group, but today, there is that same amount of hate, just dispersed amongst many many ethnicities instead . Each group has made its way into this country in a different way, and even with the amount of time they have been here, and no matter how successful they have become, there is still racism and discrimination sprinkled all through our society . The outcome has been hatred, poverty, gang violence, and an overall discomfort . There has been a negative attitude towards people of all ethnicities and cultures dating back to the beginning of civilization . It has been especially difficult in the United States, discrimination towards every group from Native Americans and African Americans, down to Hispanics and Asians . Everywhere we look, there is racial conflict of some sort in a nation so divided, but meant to be so united . 1
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McAndrews Some of the first “immigrants” (funny how they were here before us but they still were viewed as being in OUR country ...) after the founding of this country were the Native Americans, the original inhabitants of our country ironically, were here some 30,000 years before Christopher Columbus . Conflict and genocide in the early 1900's wiped out many of their population . When the U.S. Government pressed for more land, the Natives refused, so in return the Government used its military power to force the Natives out of their own lands . To justify the taking of their land, Europeans called them thieves and murderers . What was left of the Native Americans were put on reservations and forced assimilation was put into effect . Their traditional language and religion was replaced by English and Christianity and their children were taken away and put into boarding schools . It was not until 1924 that they were deemed U.S. Citizens and even then, they had already begun to marry Non-Native Americans and migrate into the mainstream of American culture . Looking at all of this, it is sad to see that the original inhabitants of this land were so brutally treated . Europeans made assumptions about them when they arrived and treated them viciously and disrespected them as well as their their culture
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10 page paper - Racism - McAndrews 1 Cory McAndrews...

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