paper #2 - clytemnestra

paper #2 - clytemnestra - Cory McAndrews Philosophy 114A Dr...

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Cory McAndrews April 02, 2007 Philosophy 114A Dr. Griffith Paper #2- Clytemnestra The discussion and debates over philosophical topics such as wisdom, morality, and prudence from Philosophers like Aristotle and Plato are very mixed. In a very opinionated world, and also very divided, there is not, nor will there ever be one right way of doing things. Everyone has their own opinion, everyone has their own feelings, and everyone has their own beliefs as to what is and is not acceptable by today's standards. What one person feels is normal and acceptable to do, another may see as completely taboo and overwhelmingly disrespectful or careless of them. A good example of this would be Clytemnestra and her boyfriend. Both young and appear to be in love and have never discussed a future together. Clytemnestra feels as if she is not very attractive and is thankful to have her boyfriend. They engage in sexual activity without the use of birth control of any kind since she has yet to become pregnant. If she does get pregnant, her boyfriend feels it is her responsibility and even though she does not particularly enjoy sex, she still does it in fear of losing her boyfriend over it and is scared to be alone. This scenario to many of us, has many things wrong with it, many things I vow to look over in the content following this. Clytemnestra makes many wrong decisions, she makes possible wrongful assumptions about her boyfriend and does things for invalid reasons. Wisdom, what it means to be wise? A wise person holds the facts about many topics, many of which they have or are dealing with. Clytemnestra is not a wise person when it
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comes to sex and pregnancy. It is not wise not to use birth control when engaging in sex. Without birth control she easily runs the risk of getting pregnant. She does not just run the risk of becoming pregnant once, she runs the risk of becoming pregnant many, many times over. If she wishes to continue this kind of activity, her life may spiral out of control quickly.
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paper #2 - clytemnestra - Cory McAndrews Philosophy 114A Dr...

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