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Mid-Term Paper - Cory McAndrews February 19, 2007 Dr....

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February 19, 2007 Dr. Griffith Philosophy 114A Mid-Term Paper The discussion and debates over philosophical topics such as wisdom, morality, and prudence from Philosophers like Aristotle and Plato are very mixed. In a very opinionated world, and also very divided, there is not, nor will there ever be one right way of doing things. Everyone has their own opinion, everyone has their own feelings, and everyone has their own beliefs as to what is and is not acceptable by todays standards. What one person feels is normal and acceptable to do, another may see as completely taboo and overwhelmingly disrespectful or careless of them. A perfect example of this kind of behavior is the case of Passionella Slutski. Passionella has obviously made it somewhere, a freshman in college, she avidly enjoys unprotected sex. ..with whoever she wants. ..whenever she wants. ..however many times she wants. Now it is a question of will she make it much further, because her disregard for any kind of protection or sexually transmitted diseases could get her killed. If you look at her history from age twelve to now, almost all of society bars her actions. Passionella says that morality is relative, and therefore she does not conform or listen to the general agreement among most of society that her actions are bad, or have consequences. Her opinion on what is good for her is entirely her own and she can do as she pleases not caring what others think. Apparently she does not see the “disgusting diseased slut” that most people see and personally, I do not agree with her actions in any way because she is playing a dangerous game. The information tells us Passionella had sex for the first time at age twelve, and she does
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Mid-Term Paper - Cory McAndrews February 19, 2007 Dr....

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