budget deficit and priorities

budget deficit and priorities - Celina Yebba Writing...

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Celina Yebba Writing Assignment 6 Budget Priorities Our nation is, at present, experiencing a 3 trillion dollar deficit. Countless foretell a grim future as the amount of foreign held debt increases, and national savings decrease drastically. While many may assume that the budget priorities of the Bush administration are responsible for the economic shortfall we currently find ourselves in, I beg to differ, believing that for the most part the spending that strengthens the national defense of our Nation is essential to our nation’s welfare. Though, there may have been a 5.6 trillion dollar budget surplus throughout the Clinton administrations terms in office, it can only be assumed that strategies employed, by them, to save money for our economy, via cutting the military defense spending and negligently handing over funds to social programs, have produced the deficit that we are currently experiencing. They increased pork barrel spending, insuring funding for their constituent base, creating a dependency while solidifying votes for their future social agenda. This political move created a large chunk of the deficit that we currently are suffering. However, to point the finger only at the Liberal Democrats in total would be unfair, seeing as how spending has recently been
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budget deficit and priorities - Celina Yebba Writing...

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