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disney corp research paper - Hospitality Research Paper The...

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The Walt Disney Company Over 80 years ago Walt Disney institutionalized the Kansas City Film Ad Company, which would not only develop into a paramount film production corporation, but also would set the standards for hospitality and tourism as we know it. The Disney brothers launched this small animation studio in Missouri, producing a string of animated short and full length motion pictures. They were ambitious men, which maintained that resourcefulness and innovation would lead to their company’s success. This theory is ever prevalent and lies behind the companies continued growth. The studio produced numerous films, receiving a considerable amount of notoriety throughout the United States, when the Disney brothers first began generating film related merchandise. What had seemed like an insignificant investment actually began the corporation’s consumer product line and business division. Their production company was unsurpassed and merchandise sales were on the rise, but never settling, the brothers anxiously explored something fresh and innovative to maintain the growth of their studios. After several years of development, Disneyland California opened July 17, 1955, marking the beginning of their great impact on the hospitality and tourism world. Since its self-effacing development in 1923 the Walt Disney Company has
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disney corp research paper - Hospitality Research Paper The...

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