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Memory – an internal record or representation of some prior event or experience. Definition of construction process -organizing and shaping of information during processing, storage, and retrieval of memories - memory is a constructive process. 4 models of memory - info processing model -parellel distributed processing model Info Processing Approach Memory is a process, analogous to a computer, where info goes through 3 basic process’. (encoding, storage, and retrieval). Encoding- translating info into neural codes (language) – i.e. sensory (sound/visual image) into language Storage- retaining neurally coded info over time Retrieval – recovering info from memory storage. Levels of Processing Approach Memory depends on the degree or depth of mental processing occurring when material is initially encountered. Shallow processing leads to little memory, whereas deper
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Unformatted text preview: processing adds meaning and greater memory. Traditional 3-stage memory model Memory requires 3 different storage boxes or stages to hold and process info for various lengths of time. Sensory memory holds info for short time span, short-term retains info for 30 sec or less (unless renewed) long term is permanent. Sensory Memory First Stage What we see, hear touch and smell first enters our sensory memory. Lasts up to ½ a second for visual (iconic memory); ¼ to ½ a second for auditory but weaker echo (echoic memory) can last up to 4 seconds. Short term- Second stage Temporarystores sensory info and decifdes whether to send it on to long-term memory; capacity limited to five to nine items and duration is about 30 seconds. Improving short term memory mait...
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