12.5-12.7, 13.1-13.2 rev

10 if cr 4 and sr 14 find cs 11 if cr 7 and sr

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Unformatted text preview: R = 4 and SR = 14 , find CS . 11. If CR = 7 and SR = 24 , find CS . 12. If J is a point on R and CS = 7.3 , find CJ . 13. If the radius of the sphere is 28 units and the radius of R is 26 units, find CR . 14. Find the surface area of the solid to the nearest square foot. 15. The length of each side of a cube is 6 inches. Find the surface area of a sphere inscribed in the cube. 16. A cone is 9 cm deep and 4 cm across the top. A single scoop of ice cream, 4 cm in diameter, is placed on top of the cone. If the ice cr...
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