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Journal 2 After reading all of the thoughts upon talent, excellence and the qualitative variants I find myself arguing with the text. Newman and O’Brien argue that quantitative variations mean nothing towards excellence in sports. For this we will define excellence as the consistent superiority of performance. I find this to be completely false. The time put into practicing shows how much dedication you have to the sport. Although I will not argue that the quality of the work out has a great effect, the time you put into the practice has just as much to do with the sport. If you spend enough time working out in the pool, gym or on the field you will get better. Quality comes with time. This can be a self-fulfilling prophecy ; a player says that s/he will practice more than anyone else and will therefore get better than anyone else. As you practice and see your results you can find where your mistakes are.
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Unformatted text preview: Then you take more time and adapt to fix them. Everyone starts with no knowledge of a sport; time has to be put into it so that they can learn what needs to be done. This is coming from my own personal experience. I played baseball since I was 4. When I started, as one would expect I was terrible. But with time and practice I got better. When the game actually started to matter I would put in more practice hours than anyone on the team. I would stay at the field with my father after all the other kids had left and continue to practice. Eventually the extra time paid off, as I became the only player on my team to reach the All-Star game. Continuing to practice longer and harder than anyone else I reached the achieved status of an All-Star catcher for three consecutive years. I know that that the time put into the practice is important, no matter what the authors have to say....
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