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Sports and media - Sports and Media Media and sports have...

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Sports and Media Media and sports have always gone hand in hand. The media has always glorified athletes as g-ds among men and pushed them into the spotlight. This emergence of athletes into daily life has given children new idols and heroes. Children see and hear what their favorite athlete does and in turn mimic their icon’s actions. When on the topic of his favorite sport, Larry King wrote of his admiration of the players, “one thing is for sure, baseball was full of characters… -so many people who were larger than the game” (King, 2004). Unfortunately not all athletes are deserving of such praise. Yet the players that act in the most crude, outlandish behavior are the ones that get the most airtime. These athletes can be overly selfish, obscene, materialistic people that think they can live above the law. These athletes put themselves in the limelight at every opportunity, whether on TV, the products they push, or even video games. Athletes are perfect for television commercials. They can be seen on TV at all times, they’re names that most people know, and are more muscular than most models. So the biggest names are put into the biggest commercials. In the latest Gatorade commercial alone athletes present include Kevin Garnett, Peyton Manning, Mia Hamm, and Kareem Abdul Jabbar. In the past they’ve also used Michael Jordan, Derek Jeter, Yao Ming and Dwane Wade (Gatorade, 2007). These are just a handful of athletes that are household names. If you go to the official Gatorade website there is even a part of the site where children can look at their favorite athletes and learn which flavor their favorite player prefers (Gatorade, 2007). Michael Jordan alone has been in nearly 100 commercials for brands like Nike, Coca-Cola,
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Chevrolet, Gatorade, McDonald's, Ball Park Franks, Rayovac, Wheaties, Hanes, and MCI. In his original commercial with Gatorade, children sang a song in which they expressed that they wished to be “Like Mike” (Rovell, 2007). This shows a conscious effort by the companies to lead children to idolize these athletes. Commercials are not the only way in which athletes reach out to children. Atheletes combine forces with clothing companies and create shoes and clothes
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Sports and media - Sports and Media Media and sports have...

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