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philosophy of education - Philosophy of Education Of the...

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Philosophy of Education Of the five philosophies of education the one that most appealed to me was existentialism. I found this one intriguing due to the fact that its main focus is on the personal responsibilities of the students. A true student is the one who is able to step up and takes responsibility over their education. Part of taking responsibility is to find a subject that you care about and study it in depth. Existentialism helps to find a subject that the students care about, making it easier to be responsible as a student. Along with my belief of existentialism I believe that the curriculum should not be based on standardized tests. This system did not work well for me, nor many of my friends. These standardized tests in fact ruin much of what education is supposed to teach. These tests take time away from lessons in order to word on ‘test taking skills.’ There were many classes early on in high school where I felt that I was learning more about the SATs and strategies, than about the actual subject matter. After the SATs were over with, the next thing that teachers taught were how to pass the AP exams. This is not what an education is for, to see how well you can reason or guess answers. Education is to teach you facts, skills and regulations that will help you through your life. Public education as it stands now, tries to focus mainly on the traditional courses, reading,
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philosophy of education - Philosophy of Education Of the...

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