From glaciers to forests from the highest mountain

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Unformatted text preview: atmosphere) in which life exists —༉  The study of interactions in the natural world; of nature’s “houses” —༉  between organisms —༉  between organisms and their environment —༉  Interactions take place in the biosphere. —༉  From glaciers to forests —༉  From the highest mountain tops to the deepest ocean trench —༉  To depend on one another —༉  All things, living and non- living, in the biosphere depend on one another for survival —༉  Producers need the Sun to grow —༉  Consumers need producers to grow —༉  Everything needs the decomposers to recycle nutrients P roducers à༎ Consumers à༎ Decomposers à༎ Producers —༉  3 trophic levels —༉  Producers —༉  Consumers —༉  Decomposers Autotrophs —༉  Make...
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