Albumen egg white thick closest to the yolk fresh

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Unformatted text preview: ss visible with age. Air Cell: Holding area for gases to be released through the porous shell. Gets larger as it ages. Albumen: (egg white) Thick: closest to the yolk. Fresh egg will have a cloudy & raised thick albumen. Thin: closest to the shell. Always clear and more liquid. •  Yolk: Nutri3on –  saturated fats, cholesterol, Vit. A,D,K, Iron, Magnesium, phosphorus •  Whites (Albumen) –  Complete Protein, B vitamins, iron Egg Quality Appearance Grade AA Grade A Grade B Breakout Stays small & 3ght Yolk & albumen are raised A li`le more spread Yolk off center Not as high Wide spread Flat- no visible chalazae Albumen Thick cloudy Minimal spread Visible chalazae Less cloudy Less visible chalazae More liqu...
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