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Careers in Oceanography Professor Theodore Chamberlain Oceanography NRCC 150
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There are endless careers opportunities within oceanography. There are many options for someone looking to pursue a profession in this field. Fifty years ago, 98 percent of the ocean floor was unexplored. In the past 50 years, there have been many crucial discoveries including exotic organisms, hydrothermal vents, and theories of plate tectonics. All of these valuable discoveries are accredited to people within the oceanography domain (Office of Naval Research 2007). We can place each of the many careers in oceanography into five concentrations: biological oceanography, chemical oceanography, geological, physical, and marine engineering. The most popular concentration is biological oceanography due to the allure of large marine animals. This field involves revolves around the study of observing, protecting, and managing different areas of marine life. They study the way that organisms interact with each other, relations between the organisms, and also adaptation of organisms. Marine chemists study the composition of seawater and its cycle. They also study
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1OCEAN-careers - Careers in Oceanography Professor Theodore...

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