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Chapter 23 1.23.08

Chapter 23 1.23.08 - Chapter 23 1 Honors Biology Book Notes...

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Chapter 23 1 Honors Biology Book Notes Chapter 23 – Evolution by Natural Selection 1/24/08 - Evolution by Natural Selection o Darwin publishes theory in 1859 of Theory of Natural Selection, which refutes previous theory of Special Creation [held that all species created independently by God 6000 years ago and that species are incapable of change o Scientific theories have 2 components – pattern [claim that pattern exists in nature or statement that summarizes a series of observations about natural world] and process [that produces set of observations] o Descent with Modification : term Darwin used to describe evolution, meant that species existing today have descended from previously existing species and that they have changed through time o Evidence for change through time Fossil : any trace of an organism that lived in the past Fossil Record : consists of all fossils that have been found and described in scientific literature Sedimentary rock : form from sand/other materials, form in layers so preserve fossils in order of age Geologic Time Scale : naming of different time periods according to era, epochs, periods, etc. (1) Extinction – fossils of extinct organisms proved, to Darwin, that species change through time o Cuvier published detailed analysis of extinct elk in 1812 (2) Transitional Forms – fossil species with traits that are intermediate between those of older and younger species o Law of Succession : extinct species in the fossil
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