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Fisher Reaction Paper I Virtual Neanderthal Excavation Writing has recorded history for us throughout the ages. Believe it or not, however, there was life on Earth before writing. Since we cannot go back in time, archeology is the only way to gain insight into these mysterious prehistoric times. I chose to explore the PBS website on virtual Neanderthal excavation called “Dig and Deduce” by Rick Groleau. The article begins by questioning humans’ curiosity towards Neanderthals and then offers insight concerning this fascination. Groleau then explains that archeologist’s job is not only to dig up old artifacts and bones, but also to make sense of their findings and, ultimately, find the truth about Paleolithic life. “Dig and Deduce” has an interactive tool that allows the user to piece together the clues to determine the facts behind an excavation site after virtually digging up artifacts and bones. The virtual activity illustrates that it is not easy to answer questions about life in the Paleolithic. There are multiple hypotheses for every site and no one will ever know for sure which one is correct. The only thing archeologists can do is take their facts and educations to make the best assumptions that they can about Neanderthals. In real life, excavation is not as easy as pointing a mouse. They involve many tedious steps and are usually held to answer archaeologists’ specific questions. It’s not a good idea to start excavating when you don’t know what you are looking for or what questions you are trying
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prehistory-reaction1 - Fisher Reaction Paper I Virtual...

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