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Unformatted text preview: Theme: Representing Diversity Media and Race issues 05/07/09 1 Making the distinction: the personal vs. the structural The case of religion: individual faith vs. institutionalized religion The case of race: personal racism or institutionalized 05/07/09 2 Journalism's social role Personal level: Advocacy Structural level: Representation 05/07/09 3 Subtle framings of race 05/07/09 4 05/07/09 5 05/07/09 6 Journalism as an agent of: Social change (or....) Social control 05/07/09 7 Kerner Commission 1968 National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders, appointed by Pres. Johnson Concluded that nation was "moving toward two societies, one black, one whiteseparate and unequal" Role of the press? 05/07/09 8 Kerner report analysis Found misleading (nonrepresentative) news coverage of urban riots Ghetto and middleclass AfricanAmericans distrusted the "white press" (why?) Press seen as an instrument of the "power structure" Journalists rely on police for information 05/07/09 9 News and "modern racism" Still disparities in coverage Underrepresentation Misrepresentation News of communities of color: festivals and crime 05/07/09 10 News coverage patterns Analysis of local tv chicago (Entman & Rojecki) Blacks more often shown: unidentified In a negative context: mug shots, restrained by police White victims seen disproportionately more often than blacks 11 05/07/09 Telling the complete picture Inclusion Covering the undercovered Mitigating bias and prejudice Source: Keith Woods, Poynter Institute 12 05/07/09 Final word: Next case: New Orleans Picayune series Journalism: force for social good & ill Diversity as Element of "representativeness" 05/07/09 13 ...
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