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1581-1656 Bishop Ussher o Calculated age of earth by looking at Genesis in bible, figured out who begot whom and so on o Earth ~ 6000 years 1769-1832 Baron Cuvier o Started noticing the progression of fossils in rocks o Rocks at bottom have simple organisms Catastrophism: Earth formed in sudden catastrophic events o 6 catastrophic events to correspond with six days of creating in the bible 1726-1797 James Hutton o Looked at sedimentary rocks of the Scottish coast, noticed that it took a lot longer than 6000 years to form how they did o Gradual earth processes- not catastrophic o Every rock was the product of erosion from other, older rocks o Earth must be much older o “No vestige of a beginning, no prospect of an end.” Hutton proposed uniformitariantism: Laws of nature don’t change with time 1797-1875 Lyell wrote “Principles of Geology” o Studied similar things that Hutton did, voiced conclusions o Preached when people were more receptive to hearing it because they were more skeptical 1809-1882 Charles Darwin accepted Lyell’s principles in forming the theory of evolution Today: o Uniformitarianism o Same processes that occur one day always occur over the next day o Rates may change- seafloor spreading happens faster than it did before, for example o We can understand what is happening by observing patterns of past o “Present is the key to the past” o “Present is the key to the future” Hutton’s observations o Vast time represented o Gaps in the record- there is missing time not recorded in rocks o Conformable: deposited continually throughout time Unconformity: break in the rock record. Buried erosional surface o Angular Unconformity- 1. Rock layers were initially deposited horizontally 2. Deformation causes the first layer to become folded 3. Development of an erosional surface on the folded sequence of the rock 4. Renewed sedimentation on top of the old surface Bedding planes are at an angle to eachother
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o Nonconformity- only type of unconformity not between sedimentary
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geostudyguide7 - 1581-1656 Bishop Ussher o Calculated age...

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