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Class Notes String - Class Notes • Parliament 19...

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Unformatted text preview: Class Notes 1/30/08 • Parliament 19 propositions against Charles • Controls all foreign policy • Children could not marry or be educated without consent of parliament (not to marry into catholic bloodline or be educated by them or Jesuits) • Criticizes his wife personally • Charles says no and arrests parliament- starts the English civil war. • Absolute forces- Dressed like a cavalier, telling people you are a supporter of the king (predominantly young). • New Model Army- Headed by Oliver Cromwell, Member of Parliament and a puritan. Looked greasy and called the roundheads. Distinctive bowl haircuts. • Looting was prevalent among European armies however Cromwell says they are armies of god and forbidden from looting. Promotions based upon merit NOT bloodline. • New Model Army defeats the Absolute forces and Charles is jailed for two years. • Parliament puts Charles on trial for treason. • How can Parliament charge Charles for treason? Charles says parliament does not have the sovereignty to trial me for treason. • Charles is convicted of treason and beheaded • England cannot live like this and want to know what will happen next. • Cromwell and the army let parliament and the English people experiment. • COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from the rest of Europe • Levelers are radical group; all problems are related to one problem, inequality of property, basically want communism. • Levelers are lead by John Freelove Lillborne, wanted many wives thought society had too many restrictions • Group with most momentum was the Social Democrats and thought the Levelers were too radical. VOTING. • Cromwell lets this go on for a very long time 8-9 years. • Under new leader Richard England destabilizes. • 1660- Parliament decides to restore the king. • Limited Monarchy and Charles II is restored and agrees to limited monarchy • Puritans believed acting was lying and satan is the ultimate deceiver. • Everything is running smoothly until parliament discovers that Charles is signing a treaty and getting paid by France to recatholicize England when the time is right. • Charles and Louis trained an army in Northern France. • Charles on Louis 14ths payroll. • Charles cannot produce any legitimate children but has a lot of illegitimate kids. 2/1/08 • James, Charles’s brother is next in line and is a real problem, devout absolutist and overtly catholic. • James has no kids so parliament just waits until he dies, similar to Charles. • James has an inner circle with Roman Catholic and Jesuit priests. • James fools around with parliamentary elections. • Bribes people to vote for certain people into parliament. • James and his wife have no children, unable to have children, but one day Mary announces she is pregnant and produces a male son....
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Class Notes String - Class Notes • Parliament 19...

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