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Lecture 19-2008 ethics - – E.g thalassemia cystic...

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2/27/08: Ethical Questions: Genetics (Ch. 8: 133-134, Ch. 11: 174-176) Lecture Outline – Ethical Concerns Ethical Questions Ethical concerns – cloning and stem cell research Who would we clone? Those with the most money? The most “beautiful” people? The best athletes? Who chooses? Gene therapy – recent developments UCLA: use liposomes to get genes into brain (March, 2003) RNA interference or “gene silencing” may offer treatment for Huntington’s disease (March, 2003) Short pieces of dsRNA degrade “bad” mRNA to prevent disfunctional proteins from being formed Can repair mRNA errors (October, 2002)
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Unformatted text preview: – E.g., thalassemia, cystic fibrosis, some cancers • Case Western Reserve U (May, 2002) – Liposomes 25nm across – carry therapeutic genes through nuclear pores in membrane • 2002 Sickle cell successfully treated in mice Ethical concerns • Would you use gene therapy to correct a genetic disorder? • Would you choose the sex of your child? – Hair color? – Nose shape? – Would you clone yourself? • Would you donate stem cells for research? – Should we use human embryos? – How many cells makes a person? • Who decides who to clone? • Where do we draw the line????...
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