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Test 1 - women i Happiest and healthiest kinds of families...

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1. What is a Family? a. Family -Two or more people living together who are related by birth, marriage, or by adoption residing in the same unit i. United States Census Bureau b. Household -all people who occupy a housing unit regardless of relationship c. Own definition of family depends on unique experiences within our own families 2. Family As a Social Structure a. Monogamy -legal structure of marriage recognized in the US and in other Western Civilizations , is a two person form of marriage that involves the practice of having one sexual partner b. Polygamy- the practice of having more than one marriage partner c. Polygyny- man having multiple wives at the same time d. Polyandry- women have multiple husbands at the same time 3. Patterns of Authority a. Patriarchy-men have the natural right to be in position of authority over women b. Matriarchy-women have power and authority c. Equalitarian-power and authority is equally shared between men and
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Unformatted text preview: women i. Happiest and healthiest kinds of families 4. Family Life in the History of America a. Colonial day family was a i. Business, school, correctional institution, church, health and social welfare institution 1. families were expected to correct problems within the family and did not want to bring embarrassment out in the community 2. took care of own family 3. families were large a. 5-6 kids per family, death rates higher than today 4. husbands and wives worked together as a team to ensure their family survival 5. child labor was universal b/c work was needed for family 5. Factors changing labor of Children a. Industrialization-Chapter 2 Notes Social Ecology- individual family member’s experiences, along with outside social factors and policies, signficiantly affect the quality and the nature of their relationships. Ecological Model- Developed by Uri Bronfenbrenner...
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Test 1 - women i Happiest and healthiest kinds of families...

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