nixons foreign policy known as the nixon doctrine

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Unformatted text preview: ixon was abusing his power. He had a plan entitled Operation Duck Hook, "named for all the 'ducks' of American power 'circling in' for the kill" (Dallek 154). "Duck Hook contained possible nuclear bombing plans. Ambassador to NATO, Robert Ellsworth learned from Larry Eagleburger that the White House, and Kissinger in particular, were talking about using nuclear weapons" (Dallek, 154). The abuse of power that congress had claimed the Nixon administration was a rightful claim with the fear a full- scale nuclear war at the hands of the United States. While Nixon had blamed congress for his inability to with hold his promises to Thieu therefore doubting America's reliability to our allies, congress's choice to cut off aid to Indochina was the least harmful option to prevent years of war and a possible nuclear threat. Over Nixon's 5- year preside...
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