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At this time nixon had still had the authority to

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Unformatted text preview: intained a good reputation in America, Kissinger had even received a Nobel Peace Prize in 1976. The Nixon administration pushed forth a number of his failures in Vietnam on Congress. "Nixon later told Monica Crowley, former foreign policy assistant and confidante, 'But by 1975, the Congress destroyed our ability to enforce the Paris agreement and left our allies vulnerable to Hanoi's invading forces. If I sound like I'm blaming congress, I am'" (Berman, 378). In January 1973 the House of Democratic Caucus voted 154- 75 to cut off all aid to Indochina once the guarantee of the safe return of all American troops and prisoners of war (Nixon 375). With the cutting of all funds to Indochina Nixon was unable to with hold his promises to retaliate when Hanoi had violated the agreements of the peace agreements. On March 15t...
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