Little did the american public know they had been

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Unformatted text preview: y but rather they were seen as a security of something unstated. "For the United States, as a part of the Nixon Doctrine, it was a means of remaining permanently involved in Southeast Asia; for the North Vietnamese, it was the means for eventual conquest and unification of Vietnam; for the South Vietnamese it was a means for securing continued support from the United States" (Berman, 379). By 1973 the American public had believed that the United States had achieved a victory in Vietnam and had contained the communist North Vietnamese government. Little did the American public know, they had been misinformed. In a secret interview in 1973 Kissinger had stated, "I think that if they're lucky they can hold out for a year and a half." Nixon and Kissinger had plans of their own regarding the peace agreements as Kissinger claimed " In April [1973], Watergate blew...
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