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Melodic Organization handout - Melodic Organization 1...

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Melodic Organization 1. Motive - the smallest unit that is distinct, repetitive and tonal. The motive may be rhythmic and/or melodic. 2. Motivic development - a technique that varies and expands the motive. 3. Sequence - a repeated pattern or motive on a successive scale degree. (a) real sequence - an exact repetition of the motive (on a successive scale degree) (b) tonal/false sequence - a sequence with a change of interval (c) modified sequence - a sequence with an elaboration 4. A phrase may be described as a succession of melodic patterns, organized to express a meaningful unit. (a) a meaningful unit may be achieved by the following: (1) a clear and concise musical idea (a motive or pattern) (2) the gradual unfolding of this idea by the use of developmental techniques (3) the effective treatment of tension and release within the developmental process. (b) a phrase may be separated by one of the following techniques: (1) a descent in the melodic line, (2) a slowing down of motion, (3) a return to an earlier phrase.
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