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PHY 251 F98 Course Info

Modern Physics

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PHY 251 Modern Physics Fall 1998 Final grades available (see Grading below) PHY251 is a wide-ranging introduction to the physics of the 20 th century, which saw a radical evolution in the understanding and view of the sub-microscopic domain and in the view of space-time. After an introduction of experimental evidence conflicting with clasical conceptions, the new framework of physics will be discussed. We discuss elements of Einstein's theory of relativity, and Schrödinger's non-relativistic wave equation will be used to describe the behavior of electrons and other sub-atomic particles. This powerful equation - replacing Newton's F = m a in the sub-atomic world - is applied to calculate simple systems as well as the Hydrogen atom. The statistics of Fermions and Bosons is discussed, and its profound consequences for the structure of atoms, molecules, and solids. Finally, topics from Nuclear Physics, Particle Physics, and Cosmology will be discussed at the introductory level. The level of the course requires familiarity with calculus, and a general knowledge of classical (introductory) physics. Prerequisites: PHY 132 or 142, or PHY 126+127; MAT 203, or MAT 205, or AMS 261 Lectures: Physics P-130 Mo,We 3:20- 4:50pm Recitation: Section 1 Section 2 Physics P-123 Physics P-130 Mo 12:40-1:35pm Mo 12:40-1:35pm Rijssenbeek Rapp Laboratory: Section 1 Section 2 Physics A-133 Physics A-133 Mo 1:35-3:15pm Tu 2:50-4:30pm Klein Textbook: Kenneth Krane, Modern Physics , Chapters 1-16 Note: First meeting of the sections for recitation and laboratory is in the first week of classes , i.e. section 1 and 2 meet on Monday Aug 31 at 12:40pm. Teachers Course Director and Lecturer: Michael Rijssenbeek D-134, 2- 8163 Office hrs: Mo 9-12 am, e-mail Recitation Instructors: Sect.1: Michael Rijssenbeek Sect.2: Ralf Rapp D-134, 2- 8099 C-135, 2- 8136 Office hrs: Mo 9-12 am, e-mail Office hrs: TBA, e-mail Lab TA: Bertram Klein C-117
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