Chapter 8 Answers - 34. Namibia, Thailand, Afghanistan 35....

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1. Swastika 2. Political Geography 3. state, international relations (geopolitics), localities (people in an area) 4. inter-relationships between people, state, and territory 5. State 6. Sovereignty 7. Antarctica 8. Treaty of 1959 9. 50, 192 10. more countries than UN members 11. After Japan’s defeat in WW2, US and USSR divided Korea into northern and southern sections, 1940s 12. 1992 13. Nationalists and Communists in 1940s 14. Nationalists 15. Communists 16. Nationalists 17. Formosa 18. Western Sahara (Sahrawi Republic) 19. Morocco 20. Morocco Wall 21. Russia, Canada, United States, China, Brazil 22. twice the size 23. State (country) boundaries 24. rivers, deserts, mountains, lakes 25. language, religion, ethnicity 26. boundaries 27. focal point of conflict between two neighboring states 28. Israel vs Palestinians, India vs Pakistan 29. Pakistan and India 30. compact, protruded/prorupted, elongated, fragmented, perforated 31. compact 32. Uganda, Burundi, Zimbabwe, Kenya 33. Prorupted/protruded
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Unformatted text preview: 34. Namibia, Thailand, Afghanistan 35. Elongated 36. Vietnam, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Chile 37. Fragmented 38. Indonesia, Philippines, US, Canada, Russia 39. Perforated 40. South Africa, Italy 41. Landlocked States 42. facilitates international trade 43. Africa 44. 43 45. Double landlocked, Liechtenstein and Uzbekistan 46. 1955, added 16 countries, mostly European countries had been liberated from Nazi Germany during WW2 47. 1960-1977, added 17 countries, mostly African countries that were former colonies of Britain and France 48. 1990-1993-added 26 countries from the breakup of the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia 49. Political, Military, Economic 50. United Nations, European Union, African Union 51. United Nations, North Atlantic Treaty, African Union 52. North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement, Association of South East Asian Nations, Economic Community of West African States, World Economic Forum...
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Chapter 8 Answers - 34. Namibia, Thailand, Afghanistan 35....

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