Chapter 7 Answers - 20 Sharecropper 21 Ghettos 22 Ghettos...

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1. Ethnicity 2. Race 3. Race 4. Ethnicity 5. Cacasians 6. in Particular regions of the country or they live in particular neighborhoods within cities 7. Hispanic/Hispanic American 8. Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cubans 9. Most countries south of the United States 10. Belize, some Carribean Islands, Guyana and Suriname 11. Romance Languages, derived from Latin (Spanish, French and Portugese) 12. Portuguese 13. California 14. Chinese, Indians, and Filipinos 15. Mississippi 16. Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, South Carolina, Maryland 17. 1600 and 1700s=Africa to American Colonies, 1900-1950 U.S. South to northern cities, 1950s onward inner-city ghettos to other urban neighborhoods 1 st phase-forced migration, 2 nd phase immigration to the North, 3 rd phase immigration from ghettos to suburbs 18. Berlin Conference of 1885 19. Berlin Conference
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Unformatted text preview: 20. Sharecropper 21. Ghettos 22. Ghettos 23. White flight 24. white flight 25. segregation laws 26. Apartheid 27. Boers/Afrikaners 28. blacks, whites, mixed black and white, Asians 29. Nelson Mandela 30. Nationality 31. nation state 32. Poland, Hungary, Sweden, Japan, Iceland 33. U.S., England, France, Mexico, Brazil, divided into different races, ethnicities, and languages 34. Centripetal force, strong national culture, shared ideoglical objectives, common faith, nationalism 35. Constitution, Democracy 36. Centrifugal forces, religious, linguistic, ethnic, political 37. war on terror, beliefs 38. Multi-ethnic state 39. Darfur-ethnic war 40. Janjaweed 41. Hutus 42. Tutsis 43. Hutons vs. Tutsis 44. German and Belgian control 45....
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Chapter 7 Answers - 20 Sharecropper 21 Ghettos 22 Ghettos...

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