Chapter 6 Answers - 35 Dalai Lama India 36 Four noble...

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1. Universal Religion and Ethnic Religions 2. Ethnic Religion 3. Universal Religion 4. Ethnic 5. 62% 6. 24% 7. Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism 8. Branch 9. Deonomination 10. Sect 11. Orthodox, Protestant, Catholic 12. Lutherans, Methodists, Baptists 13. Latin America 14. because they were baptized more than once in different churches 15. Christians, Isalm, Hinduism, Buddhism 16. Islam 17. Submission to the will of God, one who surrenders to god 18. Profit Muhammad 19. Quaran 20. Mecca 21. Profit Muhammad 22. Medina 23. repetition of creed, daily prayer, Ramadan, Giving of Alms, one pilgrimage to Mecca (Hajj) 24. Spatial diffusion 25. Sunni (mostly Muslims) and Shi\ite (minorities) 26. Sunni 27. Shi\ite 28. France, Germany, Bosnia, Albania, Serbia 29. Africa 30. Detroit in 1930 31. Black Muslims 32. Elijah Muhammad, advocated a separate autonomous nation within the U.S.? 33. Lumbini, Nepal 34. China and Southwest Asia
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Unformatted text preview: 35. Dalai Lama, India 36. Four noble truths-all living beings must endure suffering, suffering leads to reincarnation, escape from cycle of suffering into Nirvana, Nirvana is attained through Eightfold Path 37. Nirvana, through the Eightfold Path 38. India 39. they have gods for different occasions 40. Monotheistic 41. Hinduism, Islam, Christianity 42. Asia, Christianity and Islam-SW Asia, Buddhism in S Asia 43. a. Churches b. Mosques c. Temples d. Temples/Pagodas e. Synagogue 44. cemeteries 45. Catacombs, yard around church, separate burial grounds outside city walls, public management of many cemeteries 46. Through cremation 47. Cremation 48. body washed with water from Ganges River, burned with slow frie on a funeral pyre 49. when the soul goes to heaven 50. Israel 51. Six Day war of 1967 52....
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Chapter 6 Answers - 35 Dalai Lama India 36 Four noble...

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