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Danielle Frakes Mr. Luke Redington Expository Writing II Evaluation Paper 2/3/08 Robert B Reich, In “Don’t Blame Wal-Mart”, delivers a message to the reader that explains the effects that Wal-Mart has on the United States. Throughout the essay, Reich’s points are clear and seem credible, but are actually biased opinions. He pays close attention to delivering the message to the audience as if he were the reader. Although he draws in the audience, his points are not supported by enough factual data. To have a strong essay a writer must be credible, be a part of his own audience, and deliver a factual yet organized, logical message. As a class, we decided the writer has to be unbiased, sympathetic, and credible. An author must be credible in order to convince the reader. An author with experience will be more credible to his audience. Before essay begins, background information is given on Robert B. Reich. According to the italized print, he was “formerly on the faculty of Harvard University,” “secretary of labor during the presidency of Bill Clinton,” and is the “author of ten books on history, politics, economics, and business.” From this, I felt that Robert B. Reich is a credible writer because of his background and experiences. Reich does a good job in framing the issue in which provides the reader with a clear message. Although the reader might think about the China workers who are making the products, Reich deliberates on the positive side of the argument in which Wal-Mart
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has a benefit to the community. The author states, “Products are being manufactured in China at a fraction of the cost making them here, and American consumers get great deals. Back-office work, along with computer programming and data crunching, is
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Evaluation Paper2 - Danielle Frakes Mr. Luke Redington...

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