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Choropleth Mapping Questions

Choropleth Mapping Questions - The map would be more...

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1/19/07 Geog. 107 Choropleth Mapping: Questions A. After analyzing the data I decided to use four different data classes. The highest class is to represent the top four states. Each of these states has percentages that are much higher then the rest. The lowest bracket represents a majority of the states (less then 5% Hispanic). I wanted this map to show the areas of high population. Therefore I used less data classes in order to define the outliers. B. When making a Choropleth map data classes are important because it gives the reader a defined, static point of reference for gathering information from that map. My specific map would be a little different if I used more data classes.
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Unformatted text preview: The map would be more specific and colorful. If I were to use less, it would only point out the very high percentage states, and become less specific. C. On the map I notice a clear pattern. Every state that borders Mexico has a Hispanic population higher then 25%. The high populations of Chicago, New York, Las Vegas and Denver (and their surrounding areas) are responsible for the medium/high Hispanic populations of their housing state. D. I believe that states bordering Mexico are where Hispanics first began to congregate. From there, states that have extremely large metropolitan areas are likely to have around an overall Hispanic population of 15%....
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