WritngAssign01 - supports your view that it is important...

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Introduction to Environmental Studies Rochester Institute of Technology STS 0508-212-02 Spring Quarter 2008 TTH 10:00AM - 11:50AM Building 7 Room 1350 First Essay Assignment: Due April 15, 2008 at 10:10am Grading: Your essay must be typed, double spaced, and no more than four pages long. The midterm essay will be graded on five criteria, 20% each on 1.) understanding of the material, 2.) clear articulation of a solution / point of view, 3. quality of evidence, 4.) fairness to alternatives, and 5.) spelling, grammar and style. Outside sources must be correctly cited. Assignment: From among the many local environmental issues; identify the one you believe is the most critical for the public to address, explain why it is the most critical, discuss some of the other serious environmental problems in the Rochester area and explain why they are less critical than the one you choose. You do not need to propose a solution. Simply identify one problem. Cite evidence that
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Unformatted text preview: supports your view that it is important. Discuss other problems so that I know that you are aware of at least some of the other local environmental concerns. Within this discussion, explain why the problem you identified is the most critical. Correctly cite all outside sources (I prefer APA style citations). Spell-check and proofread your work. *Pollution in the lake? Bad for business Grading Sheet _______ / 10 1.) Understanding of the material / assignment _____ / 2 2.) Clear articulation of a Solution / Point of View _____ / 2 3. Quality of Evidence _____ / 2 4.) Fairness to alternative points of view _____ / 2 5.) Spelling, Grammar and Style _____ / 2 Please note, any issues that need work are checked. Outside sources incorrectly cited (I prefer APA style citations). ________ The paper has spelling / grammar issues ________ Please contact the writing lab ________...
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WritngAssign01 - supports your view that it is important...

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