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plsoilhw3 - • I will be thought of as a caring...

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I am a career-oriented, mature, fun and interesting individual that values my relationship with others most important. I believe a friendship revolves around communication, shared interests, loyalty and honesty. I have a strong connection to the culture I have gained from my religion, and enjoy spreading the values and ceremonies that I am accustomed to. I have an unremovable love with the environment and wildlife that I yearn to protect and cherish. I have many political interests that revolve around helping others who are not as lucky as I was to have been born in a wealthy family, as well as supporting groups who have not achieved equality in America. I am very proud of the education I am receiving, and am excited to join the “real world”. I know I will be an asset to the community as I am a quick learner and hard worker. In the future,
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Unformatted text preview: • I will be thought of as a caring, independent, and well-balanced woman. I want to be recognized as a person who has financial success, enjoys her job that she contributes to, a family who keeps her busy, and overall happy and spiritual. • The land will be green, efficient, sustainable, and healthy. • The community will allow a person of any size, color, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation feel comfortable and welcome. We will all appreciate the earth and try to emit as efficiently and minimally as possible. We will gain an independence of fossil fuel and other pollutants that harm our planet. We will not be overpopulated, and have good relations with other communities all over the world. We will have free healthcare, cheaper and encouraged higher education systems, safe parks and streets, and less military....
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